Back in the 1970's, the first travelers discovered Ladakh as an ancient Himalayan Cultural ecosphere that time itself has forgotten. The organic and self sufficient lifestyle of the people here touched many of them and has since been recorded in many books and documentaries on Cultural and Ecology of the Himalayan panorama of Ladakh. Back in those days Ule Ethnic resort was a farmhouse where Nature provided everything needed for the basic domestic lifestyle of the big family it housed. This brought to the camp the first Eco travelers, writers, environmentalists and artists who would spend days in and around the campsite, reflecting on the energy and the scenic wonder of the camp.

The expansion of the camp was required by the increasing interest of the travelers as it is strategically situated on the Leh-Srinagar highway around 70 kms from Leh, an hour distance form the famous Alchi and Likir monastery dating back to the 11th century and 2 hours from Lamayuru monastery and is at the heart of the Sham region of Lower Ladakh at 10,000 ft. (3,300m).

Since then Ule Ethnic resort has developed in a complete eco resort that provides today's traveler with parallel facilities at par with the outside world while maintaining the ancient wisdom of what has passed on from our fore fathers. As of today Ule Ethnic resort stands alone as the only eco resort that is running an organic stay with the food grown in the vegetable garden at the camp site, electricity produced by our unique mini micro hydro power for each occupation and a campus that so well blends technology with today's tourist consumption pattern issues of the Himalayas.

We have developed a complete sustainable model of Eco tourism that gives today's eco conscious traveler a light conscience of travelling the Himalayan without any impact if not contributing to the fragile Ecology. From food to materials used for setting up the resort to the power that runs through the camp site, it's a model that has been worked out as an answer to most of the questions asked by the environmental activists who have travelled to Ladakh and questions the inflow of tourist and its impact on the local flora of the place.

Today we have 31 canvas huts and 15 Independent Cottages/ Chalets that has it's own mini micro hydral power plants for generating electricity designed in the most Ecological architectural understanding as applicable to the Himalayan region of Ladakh. The resort opens to the great Indus River in the Himalayas that was instrumental in the setting up of the Indus Valley civilization and there is an opening at the resort that opens to the river bank just a walk through the resort. Its rich apple and Apricot grooves with its juicy fruit to pluck from the trees and to enjoy gives live a basic meaning that brings our western travelers closer to Mother Nature and its abundance of providence.

We at Ule Ethnic resort have a dedicated crew developing an out of the world experience for our guests and travelers, bringing them up close to an ancient life of blessings and resonance with Mother Nature and here you are sure to experience bliss at its very simplicity and basics.

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