Sham valley, situated on the Leh Srinagar highway is home to ancient monasteries built in the 11th century and the ancient pathways, before the days of motorcars. This pathway is now the Sham trek route. Famous for trekking routes, rafting passages and the best yield of apricots in Ladakh, Sham valley is also known as the Eden of Ladakh. With its riverside assortment of beautiful villages, the valley has always lured tourist to its panorama since the early days of tourism in Ladakh. 

  Set at the cliff bank of river Indus, 70 Kilometers into Sham valley is the village of Ule Tokpo. The village is home to the family running Ule Ethnic resorts since 1974.  A premier property, Ule Ethnic resort is set amidst apricot and apple orchards and is built and managed on principles of sustainable tourism in Ladakh. By using small micro hydro plants for power generation and solar water heaters, this family run resort consumes only 40 % of conventional energy as its operational power consumption.

   Known for the panorama of its setting and the traditional family run hospitality at the resort, Ule Ethnic resort has stood unmatched in its services for almost 40 years now. And we at Ule Ethnic resort proudly assure our guests that with these passing years our objective in assuring a memorable holiday for your family only gets better.

We welcome you to relive the freedom of being in Ladakh

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